Involving Children At Your Wedding

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Previously we have talked about how to keep kids entertained at a wedding, but suppose you want to actually involve them? Like anything the age of the child depends on how much responsibility you can give them. Also depending if you want the child “just included” or if you want to “get them involved”.


Tasks for children

These are some jobs that can make the children really feel involved during the ceremony Ring Bearer (6 years +)Providing you put the rings on a pillow securely, it can be quite nice to have a child walk down the aisle holding the symbols of love. Obviously because it is a task that requires a bit of concentration, usually it is recommended for older kids (6 years old +) however any age can do this in theory as long as you have a responsible adult on hand as a backup Flower Boy/Girl (3 years +)Boys and girls throwing flowers everywhere is very cute and possibly the easiest way to involve a child in your ceremony. If they become temperamental on the day and don’t want to do it, or instead of spreading flowers they just make a b-line to the end of the alter it won’t ruin anything (and if fact be considered adorable). Sign holder (3 years +)Another cute idea simular to throw flowers is having kids walk down the aisle with signs like “Here Comes The Bride” or “Last Chance To Run”, etc. Again if they miss out on nap time and decide they don’t want to do it, it won’t affect the ceremony at all. Junior Bridesmaid/Groomsmen (8 years +)If you have slightly older children you can include them in your actual bridal party as “Juniors”. They don’t necessarily have to have all the same responsibility as the adults in the bridal party but it means they get to feel included and all grown up. You don’t need to partner them up with anyone nor have them sit at the bridal table is you do not wish but its nice thing to have. 

Including YOUR Children

The task above can be used for your children, or family members, or friend’s kids, but these ideas are specifically for your children if you want to include them in the wedding Unity Candle (3 years +)Depend on what you want to include in your ceremony, a Unity Candle Light can be a beautiful way to include your child. You each light a candle and then together light a central one to show how you are all included. Sand pouring (3 years +)Similar to a unity candle, you all put layers of different colour sand into a glass and once it is finished you have a keepsake for your home. Have them give a poem (6 years +)If your little one has a lot to say, why not have them give a small poem or speech at the ceremony or reception. Nothing is more beautiful than earing your child wish you and your partner love and happiness Special Dance (3 years +)When you and your partner has have their first dance, it might be nice to have a special dance with your little girl or boy. 

Did you do any of these at your wedding? Have you seen them done at other peoples? Do you have any other suggestions? Let us know in the comments below!

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