Children Entertainment DJ Services

Komodo Music children’s entertainment DJ, affectionately known as Kiddie Komodo aims to always engage our young audience.

The energy should be up for the whole length of the show. There should be games, laughter, dancing and fun. There should be bubbles, there should be prizes, and there should be kids complaining that it went by too quickly. That is how we know we did a good job.

Our packages all include a DJ who knows how to entertain children. Will come with a whole bunch of games to play, a stack of prizes to win, and lots of lights, bubble and/or a smoke machine.

As a parent, all we need is a place to do our thing and maybe one or two adults to help adjudicate the games (otherwise those sneaky kids might try to get back in when they are out).

Like all Komodo packages it is completely inclusive so all you need to worry about is how many kids you can fit into your venue.