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Whether you are after a DJ for your wedding, a DJ for your corporate Christmas party, your daughter’s 10th birthday, or any kind of event needing good music, Komodo Music DJs will be able to help you out.
With our team of experienced, friendly, professional, and above all, fun DJs no matter what your music tastes and style we will have the entertainer for you.



Our Wedding DJ Services

Each event is different. You don’t send a club DJ to host your wedding not because they don’t have the skills, but because they don’t have the knowledge of how different they are. Click here to find out more.

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Our Corporate and Event DJ Services

It might be that time of the year for your staff Christmas party and you want to ensure everyone dances, or perhaps you are celebrating a milestone and want to make it special. Click here to see what our corporate and event DJs can do.

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Our Children DJ Services

Being able to play the latest music, while ensuring it is appropriate for under 13s and being able to play games and keep the kids entertained is not something anyone can do. Luckily we have some dedicated DJs who know what they are doing

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Helping you with your wedding isn’t just limited to our meetings. Check out the latest blogs filled with helpful hints and tips for all aspects of your wedding.