Best and Worse Times Of The Year To Get Married

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Best and Worse Times of the Year to to get Married!

So everyone has their favorite time of year, whether you love snuggling up from the cold or sunbaking on the beach, the time of year you love may also determine when you want to get married. Through statistics complied by Easyweddings and our own personal experience we have broken down the days, dates and seasons which most couples like to tie the knot.

With this knowledge it may help you in determining what dates may fill up quicker than others and alternatively, when might be the cheapest time to get married.


Which DAY does everyone get married?

If you have gone to a wedding, chances are it was on a Saturday. Not surprisingly 62% of brides choose this day. And why not?! It’s the ideal day to party late without work the next day!What is surprising though is Friday was the second most popular with 15% followed by Sunday 11%.Weekday weddings although not super popular still of course happen, with 2% of couples getting married on Mondays, 3% on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and 4% on Thursdays.What this tells us:If you want a Saturday, book as far in advance as you can, if however you are happy with either a Friday or a Sunday the rush is not so great and if you can do a weekday wedding you won’t be fighting much competition. However keep in mind that some venues are not always open during the week and some suppliers have other ‘day jobs’ meaning their availability may not always work on a weekday 

Which SEASON does everyone get married?

According to the stats, Spring is the most popular time of the year with 37%. The flowers are blooming, the sun is shining, and the weather is just right. Autumn came in second with 26%. Summer and Winter were the smaller coming in at 19% and 18%.What this tells us:Getting married when it is cooler (25-28 degrees) is usually the best time. It’s not surprising of course with guys needing to wear suits and of course having your ceremony when it’s not raining or feeling like the Sahara desert. Be prepared for the kind of weather you want and adjust accordingly (so maybe avoid the 3 piece for the groomsmen in the dead of Summer) 

Which MONTH does everyone get married?

The most popular month is October coming in at 15%, followed by November at 12% and September and April at 10%. The least popular time is June with only 4% of brides and grooms getting married.What this tells us:Book as far in advance for anything in October and November if you want a certain venue or supplier. We often get dates which we have to turn couples away because we get so busy.One thing that these stats don’t say though is preparing for other events. Only 6% of couples get married in December, however because that time of year everyone is booking their Christmas Party, School Disco, or even some birthdays, it means that you are not only competing with other brides for venues and DJs, but with corporations, schools, and random individuals. Be sure you also book well in advance for December as well.Also as you will see in the following section, even though only 9% of brides get married in March, almost every Saturday is getting booked up so regardless of what month you decide on, be sure you get things booked as quickly as you can. 

2017 Dates which are already filling up (according to Easy Weddings and Komodo Music)

Some dates are already filling up like crazy so if you are getting married on one of these be sure you have booked your venue and suppliers NOW and have written confirmation on everything:

  • Saturday 25th February
  • Saturday 11th March
  • Saturday 18th March
  • Saturday 25th March
  • Saturday 8th April
  • Saturday 22nd April
  • Saturday 7th October
  • Saturday 14th October
  • Saturday 21st October
  • Saturday 18th November


Dates to be aware of that may also fill up/be expensive for your wedding

Apart from the above, there are also a few days which if you choose to get married on may also fill up quickly or be very expensive to have it on. These are usually public holidays, or weekends with a public holiday. Sometimes there will be a premium to have the venue/supplier and other times they just might get booked first so keep these dates in mind: 

  • Australia Day Week- (Wednesday 25, Thursday 26, Friday 27 January)
  • Labour Day (WA) Weekend- (Sunday 5, Monday 6 March)
  • Easter Week (Thursday 13, Friday 14, Saturday 15, Sunday 16, Monday 17 April)
  • Western Australia Day Weekend- (Sunday 4, Monday 5 June)
  • Queen’s Birthday Weekend (Sunday 24, Monday 25 September)
  • Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day (24, 25, 26 December)
  • New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day (31 December, 1 January)

When are you getting married? What made you decide on that day/date/season? Let us know in the comments below.

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