3 Smartphone Apps Every Bride Needs

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3 Smartphone Apps Every Bride Needs

Almost every person these days has a smartphone, and not surprisingly, we are on them constantly. If you are planning your wedding these three apps are a must have. They will not only help with the wedding preparation, but are also excellent tools which you might not have thought to use.

We just would like to confirm that we are NOT sponsored by any of these apps, we just found them and thought they are cool!



Wedpic App

Instead of getting people to tag photos they took at your wedding, why not get them to directly share them with you privately. Wedpic is great because you create an account, give everyone the passcode and then all the photos they take can be loaded into the cloud software. That way you get all the photos from the day from everyone’s different point of view.

Available on: Android and iPhone 


Pintrest app

You probably have already started a Pinterest board for your wedding but if you haven’t it is well worth downloading the Pinterest App. Browsing ideas, websites and other people boards will inspire you and is more effective than seeing who said what on Facebook.

Available on: Android and iPhone 

Our Wedding Planner

Wedding Planner App

Great app, looks clean and easy to customize. Only issue according the reviews and what we tried was unable to export the guest list. As such you should write down a name for reference but don’t bother filling in contact and address for them. Everything else seems really good.

(UPDATE: August 2018, this app does not appear to be available anymore)

Available on: Android 

Do you have an app you use for your wedding? Let us know in the comments below.

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