The OMGIGM Diaries- Chapter 6- Limousines

OMGIGM Daries ch6

The “Oh My God I’m Getting Married” Diaries- Thoughts from an engaged DJ


Chapter 6- Picking the Limousine

 This week it was determining which limousine company we wanted to have for our wedding day and we narrowed it down to two- Thirties Limousines and Milestone Limousines Because Janelle and I are going to be having photos prior to getting married, we plan to have the limo for most of the day taking us wherever we want to go. This equals about a 5 hour package with an extra pickup at 11:30pm to take us to our hotel. So now the question was which limousine suits what we are after.If we were going purely on outside esthetic, Thirties Limo's would win hands down. The have a 7 seater 1929 Vintage Federal Dodge and it looks beautiful and is sure to turn heads. In any photos it would look amazing.The interior is lovely as well if not a little basic, but still has room to fit plenty of wine and glasses and our party very nicely. However...since Janelle and I are going to be in this car for a lot of the day taking photos everywhere, the interior is also just as important! Milestone Limousine has a standard limo look on the outside of their 10 seater Holden Statesman, but inside it is where it is happening! All LED illuminated lighting, huge bar, TVs playing music and a large amount of extra space- Based on comfort this would be the car I would choose. So now it's crunch time, who should we go with? 


 That's right, after all that legwork, Thirties was too expensive and Milestone became unavailable so it looked like it was back to square one right?WRONG! We were recommended to talk to "Wicked Limos". Not only do their White Stretch Chrysler 300 CC a beautiful car on the outside, but on the inside it has the works! LEDs, Bar, monitors, EVERYTHING. And the price is exactly what we were hoping to pay for! White Chrysler Limo So I am very pleased to announced that the New Mr. and Mrs. Green will be traveling in style!

Check out Wicked Limousines to see their range


What about you? How did you make it to your wedding? Let me know in the comments below :-)


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