The OMGIGM Diaries- Chapter 5.5- Finding A Celebrant! (Danicia Dutry)

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Chapter 5.5- FINDING a Celebrant

 OMGIGM Diaries progress of WeddingSo...before I get into this, some of you might have noticed that it has been a few months since I updated this. *looks guilty* Ok maybe I slacked off a little when it came to this, but to be honest, there has not been a lot to report. That which did happen I will catch up in the next 2 posts, but in the mean time, let's get into the continuing saga that was finding our celebrant! So after Janelle and I had looked everywhere for someone and came up with nothing, one of my photographer friends suggested a lady called Danicia Dutry. After checking out her site and asking the hard questions, I was impressed. Mainly because she was firm as someone who knows they offer a good service but wont bend just because the questions might be difficult. We met up and Janelle really liked her and she presented just as good when I spoke with her over the phone. We had a good connection, she explained easily and clearly what a ceremony entails and since then have paid the deposit. We are catching up with her next Friday to go into more detail about how we would like to customize our ceremony and what we want in it. I am excited to see how she performs and if you could like to check her out, here website below :-)

Danicia Dutry-


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