Having Emergency Contacts For Your Wedding- Komodo Music DJs, Perth

On your wedding day you don’t want to worry about stresses, so there is a chance you will turn off your phone. But what happens if the venue, photographer, DJ, florist or important guest needs to get a hold of you?


There are two things you should have for such an emergency:

A person specifically in charge of taking a call

A list of suppliers and their contact details

 If a supplier or even the Groom needs to call you, it is best to have someone who will always keep their phone on (minus during the ceremony) who can take the call and make quick decisions or can relay information onto you. Most of the time the phone will remain silent with only calls of well wishes and congratulations coming through, however it is better to be safe than sorry. Now if something has happened and you need to get into emergency contact with a supplier or important key people for your wedding, a simple printed piece of paper with Name, Job and TWO contact numbers will help put stress away. If they don’t pick up one phone, call another and leave a message/text. Most suppliers will either pick up or will be setting up but will return you call ASAP. In another blog we did “Bridal Emergency Kits” Click HERE to check it out :-) headphones with contact (image courtesy of "bridalguide.com")Save

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