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Guest sitting in a marquee organised by wedding plannerSo while Komodo Music DJs tries to help our brides out as much as possible, we can't do everything. However we can put you in touch with those who can! Niko from Sovereign Weddings (Wedding Planners in Melbourne) has put together a blog for us about choosing a wedding planner.


Choosing a wedding planner is quite a difficult task because wedding planners have different ways of doing things and charge in different ways.  Furthermore some receive a commission from their narrow group of suppliers without your knowledge.  It is legal for planners to receive commission as long they inform you of it, but most never do.


Before searching for a wedding planner you should first consider what you need from them. If you have no idea what you want & where to start, you should start by contacting wedding planners for ideas.  If you have a clear vision of what you want, then ask yourself, which areas of the wedding do I need most assistance with.  The more the planner has to do for you, the larger there fee or their commission will be.


The best wedding planners are the ones that work as your advocate, which means they provide choices, ideas & work with your specific goal in mind Or the concept they create for you.  Usually, the package wedding planners, are just that.  You are buying a set package which usually involves little choice of suppliers (if any) and it is one size fits all approach.  In my experience over 16 years in the business, couples want control of who is working on their wedding.


The average wedding in Australia costs around $40,000 and takes the average couple 500 hours to plan, therefore, if you can find the right planner, they will usually save you 80% of that time and if they are very good at their craft, provide you with precise options to choose from, saving you time & usually can negotiate very strongly on your behalf for pricing & /or terms. Finding the right suppliers and stress are the two major obstacles.  If you alleviate that, you will enjoy your wedding process & day, get that mix wrong, you will usually encounter elevated levels of stress and higher costs.

The question you should be asking any planner is:


What is fee structure?

How will you assist me?

What experience do you have?

How may weddings have you arranged?

Do you receive commissions from your suppliers?

Will you personally be the one managing my wedding on the day?

Will anyone from your company be there on the day?

How many supplier options will you provide per service ( ie: photography )

How long have you been in business?

Have you done this type of wedding before?


In America, 90% of weddings have a wedding planner involved, in Australia, 10% of weddings have a wedding planner involved. 

I would highly recommend for every prospecting bride and groom to seek out a good wedding planner to partially or fully assist. You will enjoy it much more, remember, it is one of the biggest & most important days in your lives.


Good Luck




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