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Black silhouette of DJ holding golden recordSome of you may think all DJs are the same…until of course you have the opportunity to make comparisons to other DJs you have seen.

Don’t get me wrong, there are bad DJs out there, but sometimes it’s not actually that the DJ is bad, it’s just the wrong type of DJ for your event.


To help with any confusion, below are the 5 types of DJs you will likely meet:


The Radio DJ

Listening to your favourite station you often her the guy or girl talking between songs, thanking sponsors, telling you which number to ring for a competition, or giving a humours story while the next song cues up.These types of DJs usually don’t pick the songs, or mix them. It is usually done by a computer or producer behind the scenes. The guys and girls are not the kind you would get to “DJ” an event…however they often make fantastic MCs and can bring a lot of personality to any show…but do not use for music. 

The Club DJ

Often these DJs use remixes, mash up songs, and often are playing to crowds in the 18-25 year old age bracket. Now even if you fall into this age category, remember those grandmas, parents, some friend and family will not. Will the DJ be able to play music suitable for them? Maybe…but more than likely not. Also not usually having to MC or play the “Easy Listening” music while people are eating means that these types of DJ will be unprepared for what may come. Having lots of music does not mean they have the music knowledge. If having a club style event, go for it! But if having a wedding, probably look elsewhere. 

The “Bedroom” DJ

You probably have heard this term before from other DJs. Out of all the DJs mentioned THIS is the kind to avoid for any kind of wedding or event.A Bedroom DJ is usually a young guy, who has no professional equipment, has had little to no experience and makes remixes or DJs in his bedroom/for his friends. A lot of Club DJs started off as Bedroom DJs and that is fine…I personally know AMAZING DJs who started off this way, but for weddings and corporate events you want someone who knows what they are doing, who has had experience and can play a variety of music (Not just what they like/learned on).Everybody has to start somewhere, and if a Bedroom DJ is serious about making money in his craft they often find DJ companies to learn from. However unless they have done at least 20 events that were NOT for their friends, best avoid till they have more experience 

The Wedding DJ

These DJs are specifically trained to do weddings. They know how to MC, they know how the procedure for the night should go, they know what songs to playing during dinner/desert/dancing, they know how to read a crowd and they know what is expected at a wedding.A wedding DJ has all the knowhow to do your wedding, however there are some standards that make some wedding DJs stand out from others. Not all wedding DJs can beatmix, and simply fade in-fade out songs. Also even then though they may play wedding appropriate music, you want to make sure it’s not the same boring stuff that people “associate” with weddings.Komodo Music has a policy that all DJs that work for us must be able to beatmix and must not play “soppy love songs” unless requested by the client, however not all DJs have this policy so make sure you ask the right questions (A blog on “What Questions To Ask A DJ” can be found HERE) 

The Party DJ

These kinds of DJs know how to get a crowd up and dancing! They can get grandma and your 15 year old niece up on the dance floor to the party classics. They are fun and they know it. If having a party from 18th-50th birthdays, presentation nights, or end of year wind ups these are the DJs for you!HOWEVER…A Party DJ is not necessarily a Wedding DJParty DJ may not know the procedures of how a wedding go, or may not be the best MCs as they are just there to get you dancing. Also the music they have might not be appropriate for a wedding during the dinner time.When it comes to dancing, a wedding and a party DJ are very simular and the same criteria of beatmixing applies. 

At the end of the day you will most likely find all DJs have elements of each type in them…but when choosing a DJ for your event, choose a kind that specialises in what you are after.

Hope it helps and good luck :-)

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