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Centerpiece of white and pink flowers in tall glass for a weddingThings Komodo Music knows about smell pretty?!

At times like these it is best to bring in an expert, so Joslyn from A Festival of Flowers came in and wrote our blog for us :-)


Flowers play an important part of your wedding day so finding a florist who can  envisage your ideas and turn them into reality is paramount in your decision.


Guidelines to help choose a florist :

  • Find a floral designer who you feel comfortable and happy with. A good designer should listen to your ideas and guide you through your choices. Not overrule your ideas with their knowledge.


  • Feel confident and happy with the flowers you choose and design of your bouquet. Ensure the flowers are fresh and of first grade quality. With artificial / replica bloom bouquets the quality of the product is also an important choice. If possible try and visit the florist at the end of the week to view their made up wedding work.


  • If you are trying to stay within a budget ask about seasonal flowers. Remember don’t skimp on the bridal bouquet after all it is your special day. See if the florist can help you save in other areas such as do they offer hire items rather than purchase for table arrangements and church decorations.


  • No question is a silly question. Who would know before getting married if you wanted a mum’s corsage it could be a wrist ,purse, pin on corsage or even a smaller ladies button hole .Do you feel that the florist is approachable and you can e-mail or phone at any time to follow up on a query you may have. Do they respond in timely manner.


  • Ensure all photographic displays at the shop front and on websites are real examples of work from previous weddings and not just examples of what they can do.


  • The person you are talking to will actually be involved in your floral design on the day and not just pass it on. Some florists are specialised wedding florists only and offer a unique service.


  • What previous experience can your floral designer offer you. Are they familiar with your reception venue, and can they show you examples of their work at your venue


  • Do they offer a full set up and delivery service for the home , church and venue ensuring everything is in perfect place  for your wedding reception.


Hopefully you walk away confident in your decisions with a bouquet unique for your wedding day and happy in your choices, and it was a pleasurable experience.


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