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So the fun has been had, the food has been eaten, the dancing is winding up, it's time for you and your now husband/bride to get out and enjoy your honeymoon.

But you still need to say goodbye!

At the end of the reception there are 3 traditional ways to get out. A Circle, and Archway or a Final Song. Depending on how you feel there are some pros and cons with each:


Final Song:

You aren't really the "hugging" type or don't really want to spend longer than you have saying goodbye as it is cutting into your dance time; so a Final Song is the way to go.With a final song there is no goodbye, the DJ will simply announce:"Well ladies and Gentleman it has come to the end of the night. We have one last song chosen specifically by the Bride and Groom so don't be shy, get on the dance floor before we get out of here"And that's it, once it's over the lights come on and the music stops. Short, sharp and easy :-) 


Ok so maybe you want have an official sendoff but don't want anything that takes too long. An Archway is usually the best option. With this everyone gets into two lines, holds their hands up and you guys run through. HOWEVER, there can be a problem with this...if someone decides they want to "catch" you to say goodbye you can find that you are hunched over talking and kissing people. You should always have 2 songs ready just incase it is difficult to organize the people do the the free flowing liquor. 


There is no way your family are going to let you go without saying goodbye to them! So a circle it is!Everyone gets into a big circle on the dance floor. You and your bride/groom start off at the same person. You go to the left, and your partner goes to the right and you meet back up where you left off. This is good as you can say goodbye to everyone, spending more time on close friends and family and just giving a brief and simple "thank you for coming" to everyone else.BUT....this can also take a while as some want to relive the first moment they met you, other family members may be in tears and won't want to let you go, and some may even try to pass on worldly advice as to what to do on your honeymoon. Whatever is said, you will need a minimum of 4 songs and depending on the size of the crowd, may need to start either 20-30 minutes prior to close. 

So there you have it! Now all you need to do is determine which method best suits your needs and your family.


If you are wanting a comprehensive list of "Leaving Songs", click HERE (link not active yet) to be taken to our blog on it

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