Footwear for Dancing- Komodo Music DJs, Perth

If you want to keep dancing at your wedding all night long, these 3 tips will hopefully help ensure you want to keep dancing.Wedding party dancing in a circle


1) Comfortable footwear for you

As the bride, you are no doubt wearing a pair of beautiful shoes. This kind of shoes that girls all over the world wish they had...but come dancing time those shoes are going to be a pain!There is a good chance that dancing around after a long day of walking in those shoes are going to make your feet hurt, so have a change. You can still get a nice 'Bridal' pair but ensure they are flats so you can keep yourself on the dance floor. 

2) Comfortable footwear for dancing for your females guests

So you might now have a spare change, but what about the rest of the females? A solution to the problem is to get a lot of $2 flip-flops so the ladies can still dance without hurting their soles.This is becoming more and more popular and for an extra $100, your female friends will truly appreciate it. 

3) Leave your drinks off the dance floor

I know it sucks, but if a drink spills or worse, breaks on the dance floor, both you and any females who have taken off their shoes and are dancing barefoot will need to put their shoes back. The best option is to leave drinks on a side table next to the dance floor and keep going back for sips headphones with contactSave

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