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Wall of blue CDsRecently, I have had a few clients who are getting married (almost a year away) say they want to meet their DJ.

And so they should! You must always make sure the DJ that is doing your wedding is friendly, approchable, but above all, you like!

HOWEVER....the question is not if you should meet your DJ (as you always should) but when!


As a general rule, you should meet your DJ 2-3 months prior to your event. Below is some helpful tips to consider before you meet your DJ:


If it is more than 6 months away, you will change your mind!

First and foremost, most couples will change their mind about 2-5 times regarding their music selection. Songs will go out of favor, better songs may present themselves, or you may find the song you have selected was used for your friend's wedding who you went to just last week.Whatever the reason, when you meet with the specific DJ you want alot of the music selected and set. If you get stuck we can always help but it is always better if you know what you want before meeting your DJ. 

The DJ company should be able to help you before you meet the DJ

At Komodo Music, you first have an obligation free meeting to go through some of the finer details and then we send it all to you in a word document with helpful "TBC's" so you know what you still need to sort out. You can ring, email, tweet, or Facebook us at any time with questions, suggestions or panic attacks should you so need to. This is our job!The DJ on the other hand is to meet with you, ensure confidence with their skill, knowledge and friendliness, and help with an finishing touches. So with all that in mind, meeting the DJ should be the last step. 

What if you don't like the DJ selected?

IF...and this is very rare remember....you don't like the DJ selected, we can always change them over!Part of the reason we have the initial meeting is to determine your likes and dislikes in both music and personality and then we match a DJ to suit. If for any reason you do not like the DJ selected we can change them over immediately (this again is why we do this meeting about 2-3 months prior) 

And Finally- DJ's have lives too :-)

Except in extenuating circumstances, it is very difficult to predict what the future will hold regarding specific DJs. It does not look professional to allocate you a DJ a year in advance if they then decide to leave the country, a relative gets sick, they quit DJ, etc. With that in mind, we allocate shows to DJs about 3-4 months in advance as we can confidently know our schedules. We will always have DJs available, it is just whether a specific DJ is free or not We hope that helps :-) headphones with contact  (Photo courtesy of "michiganweddingplan.com")SaveSave

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