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Wedding Ceremony with Red carpet at Burswood Golf CourseIf you are planning on getting married, you probably already know that you need your special song for walking down the aisle. But there is a little more to it than that and if this is your first time, this blog will help educate you on some potential areas of concerns.



Before you arrive-

Just a general style of music as it is more to alert people that this is the spot and fill the silence as the guests wait for you to arrive. Suggestions include Jazz, Instrumental, Acoustic, Cafe Delmar, etc

Your walking down the Aisle-

This is your special song and there is a good chance you have already picked it. The only suggestion is make sure the song you choose here is not too fast as so you aren't tempted to run down the aisle to keep up with the music

Signing of the registry-

You will need THREE songs to fill the gap between being officially married and doing the paperwork. You may not get through all three, but it is better to have more than less

Procession song-

The song once you have been announced as "Husband and Wife" and are walking back down the aisle. A good suggestion is something fun and upbeat to show that it is a celebration

Now you know what music you need, here are a few follow up questions:


Does the celebrant have their own PA?

Some celebrants bring their own PA system system and some do not. Always check if they do, does it have an iPod connection (Usually RCA to 3.5mm Jack) and/or CD player. As a side note as well, you may want to see if they use a handheld corded mic, a wireless mic or a lapel mic. 

Who is operating the music?

It's all well and good that the celebrant brings a PA system, but are they going to be operating it. Their job is to officially marry you and you want them focusing on that, not DJing the ceremony. While sometimes a family friend can do it, always ensure that they know how to operate the iPod, that they know where all the songs are located, and know how to operate the speaker system. If you get a DJ, what will we bring?If you hire a DJ company (like Komodo Music ;-) ) to do your ceremony, we ensure we will have the following:

  • Portable PA system (Does not need batteries) and a stand
  • iPod/CD with all your music
  • A DJ to operate it- Usually we try to give you the DJ who is doing your reception


Hopefully this blog will help you with your Ceremony options :-)

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