Venue Review- Caversham House- Komodo Music DJs, Perth

Seeing alot of venues around Perth, us DJs get to see the inner workings and behind the scenes of what makes a venue work. And while most guests judge on a purely visual basis, we have been around the block a few times to know how it really stacks up.

This new series is designed to give our OPINION on the venue from a DJ's point of view. It is not meant in slanderous manner and remember to ALWAYS may up your own mind. I give a "DJ Recommendation" on what us vendors see and a "Bridal Recommendation" which is based solely on what a bride and groom would see


Caversham House

141 Caversham Avenue  Caversham WA 6055,  (08) 9279 grounds at Caversham House are stunning! Everything always looks pristine and beautiful and in photos it looks amazing. From the massive waterfall the the beautiful staircase it really is no wonder so many brides come just to get married. Not only that but the venue can provide a PA system, red carpet and a member of staff to ensure everything is taken care of when you say "I Do" Caversham has two function rooms- The Marquee and The House. Both utilize an in-house sound system. Unlike other venues which require DJs to plug in, Caversham ensured that the music is loud for when you and your guests start dancing. The speakers over the dancefloor are louder than that where the diners are so you can have a pumping dancefloor while still allowing conversation in the same room. Plus as a DJ, not having to bring speakers is a major bonus! The staff are always professional and look extremely smart in their uniforms. Their communication is excellent, using ear pieces to communicate with each other which ensures a smoothness of service. The friendliness and willingness to help not only guests, but vendors as well really make the night a special one. And finally the food! SOOOO GOOD! Regardless whether you choose platted or buffet, the food at Caversham House NEVER disappoints. 

DJ Recommendation: 9/10

Bridal Recommendation: 10/10

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