When To Change Music For Your Wedding- Komodo Music DJs, Perth

Don't get me wrong...changing your mind or having circumstances change it for you is not a problem and is a fact of life (especially around a wedding)...but deciding to tell us a week out from your event can be very frustrating especially regarding music.

Sometimes the DJ needs to purchase the songs and if you change your mind that close to your event this can mean either they don't have time to get it (in which case you will need to provide it) or the DJ is spending money which they didn't need to.


Alot of couples don't know this (and why would they as it only affects DJs) so to help educate and ease the burden, here is a checklist that should be done about 30 days prior to your event:


  • Ensure the Bridal Party is the same and in the same order as you discussed (We check this on the day but if we are not the MC and they are running off our Wedding Procedure it can be less embarrassing)
  • Go through all speakers at the wedding and make sure they are still wanting to do their speech (Again we check this just before but if the speakers are coming up with 'Stings' of songs, we want to ensure they are still correct)
  • Check that the Entrance Song, Cake Cutting, Bridal Waltzes and Leaving Songs are still correct
  • Ensure you submit your 'Online Music Library" ASAP (The system shuts you out 7 days prior so if you do it now, its one less thing to worry about)

The biggest thing to remember is taking things out is easy and require little to no effort on our behalf, but if you change songs or add things in, the sooner you let us know the better. It means you don't need to stress and neither do we :-)

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