Sagely Advice From A Mother- [FunkyFridayBlog]

Well it's time for another installment to tickle your funny bone with Komodo Music's FunkyFridayBlog. :-)


Sagely advice from a mother

 A mother and daughter are talking on the eve of the daughter’s wedding. The daughter asks, “But will he still respect me after we are married?”The mother answers “Well dear, that’s up to you. But take my advice and never let him see you totally naked. I’ve never let your father see me without something on and he has respected me for over 30 years of marriage.”About six months after the wedding, the son-in-law speaks to the mother. “Is there something wrong with your Mary?” he asks.“Whatever do you mean-is something wrong?” the mother asks worryingly, then man looks confused“Well we’ve been married now for six months and she hasn’t taken her hat off yet.” ;-) (Story from "Barry Wogan-Wedding Speeches and Jokes")

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