Bridal Expos- How to keep the guys interested

Ok let's real here for a second:

Guys do not get excited over wedding expos!

Woman in bridal dress dragging groom who is hanging onto railing up stairs

There! I said it! Well someone had to! And it's not because they aren't excited of getting married. The fact that they are willing to go to these things shows just how much they love you but there is usually NOTHING for the guy to do. And lets face it, there are only so many flower arrangements and wedding invitation stalls a man can take!


So how to keep the guy interested?

 Well first off, have a plan of attack!Guys don't mindless wander down the isles when shopping, they know what they want, they go straight to it and then get out! Women however tend to look at everything, compare, go back to get more info and then go to the NEXT item. So before you guys head out, have a quick discussion as to what you are after. The guy will be looking for it and it takes his mind off being bored when he has a task to preform. Give him a few things that are totally his decision.Just as a guy would not think of giving advice on shoes, let the guy have something that he can choose by himself (after he talks it over with you of course) LOLGuys tend to want to be in charge of Music, Cars and Food. So when you speak to a DJ company for example (like Komodo Music *winkwink* ;-)) get his opinion, and make sure he feels like he has some control over the wedding Let him off the leash...figurative ;)The wedding is about both of you, but really it all comes down to the bride! The bride has final say on almost everything of the wedding so the guys tend to feel there is nothing for him to do. So let him wander a little. For various things you will want him by your side for an opinion but for things such as flowers, bridesmaid dresses, wedding shoes...just let him run away for five minutes, if you have him trained well he will come back LOL Safety in numbersIf you have another couple who are getting married, go together. The brides and bridesmaids will runaway and the guys can have "Man Time" and talk "Guy Talk" are probably laughing at this but it is true!!! And finally...let him watch the underwear models without feeling guilty.He is all yours ladies, allow him to at least look without getting an "Evil Eye" LOL 

If you follow this advice, I can almost guarantee you we will be more inclined to go to other Bridal expos, so let your guys wander around to look at cars, speak to DJs, find food wherever they can...oh and of course watch the lingerie models ;-)

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