"Crazy" In Love, Valley View Wedding, Komodo Music DJs

Me being a crazy sort of guy, I suppose with alot of the weddings I do,  "Like attracts Like"! ;-)

Well it was certainly true (in a good way :-) ) with the gorgeous couple Freda and Nigel Howard who got married at Valley View on Saturday.


After meeting the two for five minutes you can determine 3 absolutes:

1) You can't not smile when Freda is about,

2) Nigel is head over heals in love with his new bride,

and 3) they both have an absolute passion for music!!

Congratulations guys and thanks again for using Komodo Music ;-)


Father Daughter Dance- Do I Need One?- Komodo Music

Best Wedding Songs Issue#6- IZ- Over the Rainbow/What A Wonderful World