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The Father Daughter Dance is typically an American thing at weddings. Over here in Australia they are not as popular, however that being said, there is no reason why you and your dad should not have a special moment together...the question is, when should that moment be?

There are three trains of thought on where the Father Daughter Dance should be:

 After The Bridal WaltzThis is traditionally where Americans have the Father Daughter Dance, However Americans also tend to dance the entirety of the Bridal Waltz together with their partners. Australians don't, we tend to use the philosophy "Has it been 30 seconds yet? Good! Invite everyone else onto the dancefloor"I personally do NOT recommend doing the FDD here unless you plan to dance the entire bridal waltz by yourselves, otherwise the transition becomes awkwardΒ  when you want everyone to watch your Father Daughter Dance but people are already on the dance floor. Before the Bridal WaltzThis is the first dance you and your father do and everybody can watch and take photos. Afterward you dad will hug and kiss you and pass you over to your new husband to start the Bridal Waltz. This is not only neat, but also beautifully symbolic of how your Dad who has been your protector and provider passes the torch to your new husband. Also it is good because you do not need to dance the entirety of the song if you don't want to, you can have the DJ fade it out once you have enough.If you haven't guessed, this is my preferred option which I recommend if choosing to have a Father Daughter Dance. A Non Announced Father Daughter Dance as the second Bridal Waltz SongThe third opinion is to have a song specially chosen for you and your dad but not have it announced specifically. Instead you just find your father on the dance floor and share a special moment with him. If you choose this as your second Bridal Waltz song, everyone can grab their partners and dance around you but the song is specially chosen for the two of you.I would recommend this option as well if you are not interested in everyone watching you two intently. I do NOT recommend doing this as a 3rd song after the Bridal Waltz as most people will tend to leave the dance floor (after all, there is only so many slow songs people will dance to before they NEED to party) 

For a list of Father Daughter Songs, click HERE

And remember...the biggest thing if thinking of doing a Father Daughter dance, is to ask your father cause if he is anything like us Australians, he wants to dance publicly as much as you do ;)

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