5 Things Every Guy Should Do Before He Gets Married

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A lot of things you see all revolve around the bride, well today this blog post is all about the groom! Specifically what every guy should do before he gets married. These are some great treats that all boys should try if they have never done it before as they are a lot of fun and great experiences


Have a shave

Sure we all have a shave most mornings but you have not lived until you have had a close shave with a hot towel and a cut throat razor. It’s not just cut, it’s an experience! The whole thing goes for about 30 minutes and it is wonderful. The best place I have ever been for one is Guys Grooming in the Perth CBD. Their whole experience is fantastic but you should do this at least once. 

Have a massage

Guys Grooming also offer massages, from scalp, to neck, to full body. Relaxing music, soothing oils and experienced hands it’s the perfect way to get all of that stress out of you. Of course if you know of any other places that give great massages feel free to head there but always ensure they know what they are doing and you don’t accidentally walk into a place which offer…ahem…happy endings. 

Have an rib fest

Most men love their meat, so you should treat yourself to as much as you can handle! Tony Roma’s in Perth know their ribs and their food is amazing! While a full rack should be enough to satisfy most mean eaters, they also do steaks, chicken, and even seafood but as a treat you should totally go wild on the ribs! 

Go to the Casino and play cards

Get in a fancy suit, take $100 and head to the casino to play some cards. Nothing makes you feel like James Bond than this! The casino is a lot of fun and playing Black Jack or Poker is an experience. There are only two things you need to remember:1 if you have an addictive personality, make sure you go with someone who can tell you when to stop. Gambling is addictive so be careful2 Go with $100 and stop when you are out or when you hit a limit you set for yourself. Never play after you have lost it all ‘just to get it back’. Go to the casino with the expectation you will lose this $100. It makes it more fun and if you end up leaving with house money, even better 

Have a Bro day

No women, just a few beers, a nice lunch, and golf (or paintball, or whatever you enjoy). This is different from the bucks night as there is no expectation to get drunk or pull pranks, it’s just a get together to enjoy your company and only invite those you want. A bucks night you tend to invite everyone but here it is just your best mates. 

Can you think of anything else that guys should do to treat themselves? Let us know in the comments below.

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