How to Use Komodo Music Website & Online Music Library

Komodo Music has a lot of things on it's website and sometimes navigating it and the Online Music Library. In this How To guide, we have detailed instructions and videos to ensure you get the most use out of everything.


How to use The Komodo Music Site!


To save you time, please ensure you do the following: 

  • LIKE Komodo Music on Facebook! Every time we do a new blog we post it on our page so it will then turn up in your News feed. Generally we have one every Monday and Wednesday
  • Along the top of our website there are 2 tabs, one that says “Categories” and a “Search Bar”
    • Categories will take you to all the blogs posted in the included sections. Keep in mind that we have a lot of posts so it is recommended to do this if you have time.
    • The Search Bar will hone in on key words on blogs that you are after. For Example, if you type in “Cake cutting”, all blogs with those words will come up
  • Check out the PDF on our website (Right next to the “Contact Tab”) which has suggested songs to help you get started :-)


How to use The Online Music Library!


 After our first meeting, in separate email we have sent you your Online Music Password. Please feel free to log on and start choosing some songs :-) (If you have not received it yet, please check your “junkmail” folder) 

  • We have thousands of songs online but even more not loaded up; if you can’t find an artist or song that does not mean we do not have it. Please let us know what it is and we will advise if it is currently available
  • Please ensure you “Save” your list every time before you close it and when you are ready to send it to us ensure that you press the “Submit” button as we do not get the list automatically
  • Once logged on to the Online Music Library, click the “Most Requested” button to get some ideas of songs choices
  • You do not need to use the Online Music Library. If you want to just send an email with song requests or want to leave it completely in the DJ’s hands, that is not a problem :-)
  • Please ensure all important songs on your WRD document are selected before the next meeting with your DJ.
  • Have a pad and pen in the car so when a good song comes on the radio you can write it down


If you would like Komodo Music to be part of your event, CONTACT US


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