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There are some things as a guy I will never have to worry- the pain of childbirth, determining which high heels goes with which outfit, having guys complement my assets…but the biggest thing with regards to a wedding that I have never had to worry about was

"what do I pay for regarding my bridesmaids?”

For some, that question trumps all the other scenarios above because it is more delicate and painful to answer. Hair, makeup, dresses, shoes, jewellery, the list goes on! Well after asking my wife and consulting more reliable sources (such as past brides, wedding planners, and general public) I think I have the definitive answer for you:

Bridesmaids in baby Blue dresses 

Do I pay for my bridesmaid’s dress?

It is generally agreed that bridesmaids pay for their own dresses, the logic is that they can wear it again. That being said, it is not fair if the dress you choose that they all have to buy costs $800. Be conscientious that not everyone can afford something so expensive. 

Do I pay for my bridesmaid’s hair and makeup?

Ah the big question- So here it is:

  • If being done professionally- Yes
  • If being done by themselves- No

If you want all the bridesmaids to look the same regarding hair style and makeup (especially for photos) then you need to spend the money on that. However if you are letting them get ready at home, then no. No bridesmaid would deliberately come to the wedding with horrible hair or makeup, but it may not fit together when put against all the other bridesmaids. You know your friends better than me so only you can actually answer how you feel about it, but the answer is there. 

Do I pay for my bridesmaid’s shoes?

Like the dress, the bridesmaid is usually expected to purchase this themselves as it can be worn again. However don’t go overboard and ensure the shoes you want are avalaible in all your bridesmaid sizes 

Do I pay for my bridesmaid’s jewellery/accessories?

Sometimes brides give a gift on the day for the bridesmaids to wear as a thank you. If you want them all to hear the same stuff then yes you are required to purchase it. If however it is more optional, then it is up to the bridesmaid to purchase it if they want 

Do I pay for my bridesmaid’s flowers?

Yes. While most SAY they will keep their flowers after the wedding, most get lost on the day or wilt and die a few days later. It’s a perishable and it really is only for your photos, so yes you are responsible! 

Final advice

Make sure you make it clear exactly what you are planning to do before the shopping starts. You may find some people will decline because of the cost and you don’t want to cause tension during this process. So make sure you have a budget in mind and a game plan before you start. 

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