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Every bride has stresses when leading up to the big wedding day. Family, vendors, might think you are the only bride pulling her hair out and stressing out over these things, but you aren’t! In fact to prove it, I asked some of my past brides what was some of the biggest stresses leading up to the day, and were they justified?


Bride and Groom at teh Forrest CentreSteph and Steve

The Stress

Table arrangements - who sits where, was my biggest headache. I could only sit 10 at a table and I have a large family and didn't want to split them up too much. And what friends to sit with others, who would clash, who would get along, etc.

How Did It Affect The Day?

On the day I didn’t care what everyone thought! But it seems they were all happy.  

Kylee and RusselBride and Groom smiling as they do a bridal waltz

The Stress

Family members and where I was going to put them ie.who would get along with who. We did our tables over and over in the end we were like if people can't be happy where we sit them then too bad! It was our day and they only had to sit there to eat as they could get up in between. End verdict

Also our photos - what if the photographer didn't catch a special moment we wanted or missed taking a photo of someone or left too early.

How Did It Affect The Day?

No-one complained and everyone was very happy where they were seated. We also had a lot of special moments caught on camera including making it on our DJ's own TV channel


Groom holding bride from behind with arms around waistMona and Gus

The Stress

The budget!! Where to spend the money....I was always thinking if something was important to buy/do/have and if it was worth spending the money or it would have been better spent elsewhere!!!! Biggest headache!!!We also had our doubts about using a ‘friend’ as out photographer to try and get it cheaper.

How Did It Affect The Day?

In the end nobody noticed about the small stuff anyway such as table decorations but I should have followed my gut instincts regarding photos!! That's one decision to this day I still regret!!  

Rebecca and AaronBride and groom leaning into each other head to head

The Stress

I was scared of becoming a Bridezilla, and that I would melt down at the slightest thing going not to plan. I therefore made a list of everything that could or possibly go wrong (i.e. heel snapping, tripping down the stairs, stumbling my vowels, etc)

How Did It Affect The Day?

A few 'Oopsies' did occur, I felt less stressed as I put humor knowing what could of gone wrong. Although amongst my list I did not have my sister losing centimeters either side of her dress via excessive exercise and mum got caught sowing it on the day...meaning I only got formal photos of mum and I. I remember her laughing being impressed how much weight my sister had lost but I just stared blankly at her...mum & my bridesmaid saved me from dying within myself, but now I laugh about it.

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