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A review on Guys Grooming


I am a very lazy man! I am the sort of guy who will not get dressed nor have a shower or a shave all day if I am not meeting a client! In short, I do not care in general what I look like.


However, on certain days at certain times, it is expected that I shed my caveman persona and look not only like a functioning member of society, but a WELL MADE functioning member of society. When that day comes, I find myself drawn to Guys Grooming.


I have gone there twice so far- once before my wedding day, and once just before the last expo. Both times I had different things done but both times the experience has been overwhelmingly positive


First Time

The first time I went I wanted a close shave, and my eye brows, ears and nose waxed. No man wants to have hair sticking out of orifices in his wedding photos! I was also curious how they would do a close shave as I have never had one performed on me before. As I arrived I was seating in the waiting area. The chairs were leather and comfortable, I was offered complementary drinks of beer, wine or softdrink, and on the table was the remote for the TV which had cable and various magazines and newspapers. In short it was a man’s paradise. Partners I found out were not allowed past the lobby, and all the employees were females. Now while the more evolved part of my brain could see this ploy for what it was, the more animistic part gagged it to shut up and enjoyed the view.Waiting area of guys grooming with 4 leather chairs, tv and a bar in the background My name was called and I was fetched by a young lady who would be doing my waxing…I had never been waxed before in my life and it was an…experience…I am not a fan of pain and I may have shed a manly tear as I tried to be brave…but the results could not be questioned.Having shapely eyebrows and no hair in your ear or nose really does make you look much better! I wouldn’t do this every month mind you, but when I want to impress I will grin my teeth and bare it! The total came in at a cost of $19 each wax ($57 total)The room was relaxing with some soothing music being played and a cute sign on the back of the door saying “If you want a happy ending, rent a Disney movie”. The young lady was friendly and chatty and put me a ease. Next was the shave…it was wonderful. I recommend everyone has it done at least once. The hot towel, the precision, the cleanse afterwards, the old skool tools used. It was fantastic. The price came in at a cost $65 and took about 40 minutes. Not cheap, but the experience is worth it and you get every penny’s worth. A few small hints though, do not talk to the girls about Sweeny Todd as they have ALL heard it before and do not say how their eyes look as you are staring up at them. I talked about an old western called ‘The man with no name’ which she hadn’t heard of and found it a refreshing change. At the end of my shave, I was offered a free consultation about my skin and what I should use when shaving. They showed me a product called “dermalogica” and said this would not only give me a better shave, but be better for my skin. I bought a starter kit to try it out. After using the product till it ran out, I found it had very little effect nor improvement on my shaving experience. I ended up going back to foam and the result was the same. One thing I do differently now is after my shave is done, I put oil on my face and shave again-it make my face REALLY smooth. I enjoyed my first time there and decided I would come back. This year (2015) I had the eBridal expo and I wanted to look sharp and make a good impression, so back I went! 

Round 2

 This time I decided I would forgo the shave and do that myself, instead I wanted to try a haircut and the waxing like last time. Again the staff members were very friendly and I was offered drinks while I waited. I was eventually fetched by a young lady who took me for my haircut. My hair was cut perfectly, then I was given a head massage and it was washed so there was no annoying bits of hair falling out during the day. The whole experience took 20 minutes and only cost $35. Considering to get my hair cut just the way I like it usually costs me $30, I really feel all the extras are worth the $5 more.Hair studio at guys grooming with chairs and tvs Then it was back to the waiting area and then collected again for my waxing. The second time around it wasn’t as bad (but it wasn’t fun either) but she did a good job….EXCEPT….when I got home and looked at it a little closer,s he had done one eyebrow slightly more in than the other. It was barely noticeable and my wife only saw it once I pointed it out to her, but it was there. Maybe the girl was new, maybe she was slightly distracted, or maybe my big bushy eyebrows left a shadow and she didn’t see. Either way, not enough of a problem that I wouldn’t go back but I am reviewing this place so I have to be fair! 

Final verdict!

 I like Guys Grooming and having tried it twice, you get your money’s worth. They are a professional company that cater to both the corporate and the casual male. The only piece of advice I can give is not be upsold on products unless you have either tried them before or you want to give them a go. The services on the other hand, upgrade away! They offer a whole range of services that I haven’t used yet like massages, facials, manicures and pedicures, sauna, the list goes on and on. If you just want to treat yourself or if you want to look your best for someone, THIS is the place you should go. If this was available to me when I was in High School maybe things might have turned out differently for me! I could have been one of the pretty attractive guys…you know…instead of just the monobrowed, zit faced guy! ;-) 

To check out Guys Grooming, click their link

Gift vouchers are available and you can book an appointment by calling them.


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