How Much Wedding Planning Is Too Much Planning?- Komodo Music DJs, Perth

Let’s get this out the way first:


Have we all got that? Can we accept it?! Good! Now we can move on.


If you are a planner, (or as some of my brides describe themselves “Control Freak”) it is natural for you to want to ensure you have the best day imaginable, but sometime over planning can be your downfall.


Below are a lists of Do and Don’t every bride should read to ensure the “Control Freak” does not turn into “Bridezilla”

 Do your research such as Google and bridal forum searches, reading testimonials and having a chat with themDon’t crash other people’s weddings to try to see them in action Do tell guests when the ceremony and reception startsDon’t stress if people are late (People are ALWAYS late so allow for human error) Do take notes on other weddings you go to as to what works and what does not.Don’t tell the vendors how to do their job. We will take direction from you as it is your wedding but if they say something won’t work, listen to them, they do this every weekend. Do make sure any changes you wish to make are submitted as early as possibleDon’t send 20 different “updates”. Make the changes once and stick with it. Do a final checklist the day/week beforeDon’t ring vendors on the day unless they are late (usually we will ring someone to let you know) Do accept that kitchen will bring out food when it is readyDon’t try to push the kitchen to go faster unless they are significantly behind schedule (this means it is taking longer than agreed for food to be prepared, not if you started later than agreed) Do allow reasonable amounts of time for things (i.e an hour for mains, 30 mins for speeches, etc)Don’t get upset if things go slightly over (if speeches go longer, don’t pressure the kitchen to do things in doubletime) Do pick music you want to hear on the nightDon’t expect the DJ to play EVERY song on the list if you have selected over 16 Must Plays Do make plans for what your ideal wedding will look likeDon’t become inflexible with what you want, especially if your budget wont allow it Do remember to have funDon’t stress about small things that in the end will not make any difference 

 Do you have any other suggestions on what not to stress on? Let us know in the comments below :-)

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