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Children at wedding is often a hotly contended subject- Some want them at the receptions, others do not- but if you do have them be sure you can keep them entertained.


Unlike adults, a lot of children have shorter attention spans, especially if there aren’t a lot of kids their own age, so here are a few hints that may help keep them entertained


Tall glass of milk with rainbow cookies ontop for childrenCookies and Milk for Pre Dinner Drinks

We found this idea and LOVED it. While your guests enjoy champagne and beer, how about offering them cookies and milk? Presenting something like this not only will capture their attention, but is a good way for them to feel like part of the group. 


Children's table at a wedding A Children’s Table

Let’s face it; what you plan to be talking about is probably not going to be as interesting as what the children are talking about! So instead of them trying to be part of your conversation, put them with their peers. If have over 6 children usually they can have a table to themselves and it will not affect the seating plan. Plus they will get some “proper” conversation…I mean who wants to talk about the state of the economy when you can talk about what happened on “Avatar the Last Airbender” ;-) 

Kinder Surprise for ChildrenBomberniers for Kids

If having bombiners for your guests, be sure you have something the kids would enjoy. It can be as simple as a “Kinder Surprise” with a bow on it, but whatever you choose make sure its something they will like  

Wedding Activity Book for Children with crayonsActivity Books and Pencils for the Table

When they have had their food, the kids will be looking for the next thing to do. This is where having some activity and colouring in books can be a lifesaver. If you make sure there is enough for each child that can potentially keep them entertained till the dancing starts. Also ensure you have lots of sharp coloured pencils (avoid pens in case they go out of the lines and onto the table cloths) 

Men playing videogames on nintendo 64 and playstation at a weddingVideo Games

At some places this may not be possible, but if you can get a couple of TVs and PlayStations and set them up in a separate room, this will keep children entertained for hours  

Men entertainers with ballon animals with children at a weddingHire Professional Entertainers

There are some companies out there that can supervise children and provide games, face painters, etc for events such as weddings. They usually last for a few hours which should get you from start of reception to dancing.  

Camera I Spy Game with pencil for Children at a WeddingI Spy Game

Another awesome idea I had to share ( All you need is the template provided, a disposable camera and a pencil and get them doing a scavenger hunt. It’s fun, clever and something you can do with them if you want.  

Hopefully this is a good starting point. Good luck :-)

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