Male and Female DJs- Komodo Music- Perth

 Recently, Komodo Music did a wedding where the “Best Man” was actually a women! And while not every wedding is going to have this situation, it is important to remember that “Traditional” gender roles does  not mean “It HAS to be this way”


Why do I bring this up?

Because Komodo Music employs both male and female DJs.

We make it a point to ensure that providing the person can do the job to our standards, there is no difference between a male and female DJ!

  • Both can MC your event
  • Both have an extensive knowledge of your music tastes
  • Both can handle any and all situations regarding changes and requests
  • And ALL my DJs can give as good as they get ;-)


As with any DJ, you will meet with them before your event to ensure you get along with them, they can answer all your questions, and you ensure you get to ‘suss them out’. If you really don't want a female (or male) DJ that is fine as well! We will happily give you what you ask for, but ask yourself why!


Some people may be slightly shocked to see a female DJ as it is not industry standard, but just because you might not see that many women firefighters, accountants, taxi drivers or chiefs does not mean that they are bad…it just means they are going to try extra hard to be the best.

Change has to start somewhere, and at Komodo Music it starts here! :-)

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