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Wedding diary with golden wedding ringsWhen planning a wedding, you always want to focus on the positives; how lovely the flowers will look, how sunny the day will be, how tasty the cake is...

But then the dreaded "What Ifs" come along!

"What If Scenarios" are those horrible little thoughts that creep in with doubt...and there is only one way to counteract them...HAVE A PLAN!Bellow are a list of "What If Scenarios" that should not be a discouragement, but rather to do two things: 1) Make you have a plan prepared for any eventuality, and 2) find out if it really matters :-) 


  • It rains at the ceremony
  • The limo is late
  • The table setting is not exactly the way you envisioned
  • A vendor doesn't turn up
  • A guest gets seriously drunk (causing trouble)
  • The venue has double booked your date
  • The flowers you wanted are not in season
  • It is extremely hot/cold/humid
  • The speeches drag on
  • The kitchen doesn't get the food out on time
  • The photos are not what you were expecting
  • The dress doesn't fit correctly
  • A vendor cancels very close to your date
  • Something gets spilled on the wedding dress
  • The rings get lost
  • The cake falls
  • If there is a power failure

Do you have some other suggestions to think about? Leave a comment down below :-)

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