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red cursive writing saying don't forget after the weddingSo a week has past from your wedding! You feel relaxed, and ready to continue with now what?!


After the wedding is over there are a few things you should do:


Check that you collected all items

In the thrill of the day you are not going to be worrying about what happens once you left the reception, but it is a good idea to do a count of all items such as centerpieces, leftover cake, and presents 

Write the thank you cards to your guests

It's always lovely to get a card in the mail, especially if they contributed to your wishing well or gift registry. It's not expected but it is nice :) 

Ensure all hired items were returned and all deposits have been refunded

If you hired items that required a bond, ensure it has all been returned in its original form and any monies have been refunded into your account. 

Write testimonials for your suppliers

If you enjoyed their service (both on the day and leading up to it) be sure to write them a testimonial they can put on their website. Sometimes a simple "Thanks for doing a great job" is enough, but if you were really happy with them, write in detail what made it so great. Remember potential brides will read a testimonial so the more detail of what was good, the better :-) 

Share your day on a forum

If you have the time, go onto any and all bridal websites and let everyone know how it went. If you give a detailed description of what you loved (and even what you didn't) you may help a new bride in finding (or avoiding) certain situations, suppliers, venues, and experiences. headphones with contact (image courtesy of "")Save

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