Checklist for Wedding Expos- Komodo Music DJs, Perth

Checklist for weddingSo its expo time! This means over 100 vendors trying to get your attention, give you their flyers, sell you their products, all the while trying to sort out the good from the…not so good.

So let’s have a plan of attack!!


A Checklist for Wedding expos is a good start. Below are some hints and tips before heading out to the expo:


Don’t automatically say “NO”. Check what the vendor is selling, take a flyer or say ‘No Thank You’

As an exhibitor, our job is to get as many people as possible to come over and talk to us, at the very least give out a flyer. We are not interested in changing your mind as we will have 100’s of other brides just behind you. If you say no thank you we won’t be offended, but don’t say “No” before you know what we do otherwise you may miss out. 

Bring a working pen and people who know your details

Some brides have cards made up that have all their information on it already. This will save you time, but more often than not you will end up writing the following over and over (so make sure the team you bring will know it):-Name-Wedding Date-Wedding Venue-Wedding Time-Contact number and email 

Bring a snack and water

If you don’t mind mortgaging your house for some hot chips, feel free. However you will need more than sugar (which there will be plenty of) to keep you going and expo food is expensive. At the very least make sure you have some water with you as it is hard work talking to everyone (believe me I know!) 

Have a list of what you want!

Even if you have just gotten the proposal, have an idea what you are looking at. A good starting point would be:-Dress-Venue-Flowers-Cake-Invites-Car-Music (DON’T FORGET US!!!!! lol) 

Bring Cash, Cheque, and/or Credit to book things!

If you find something on the day (Be it a dress, limo or DJ) that you decide is the perfect fit for your wedding day, you can book them right there and then. By bringing cash (or in some places cheque or credit) to pay the deposit you may get an even better deal than what you were expecting. We vendors LOVE sales on the day and if you find the right one, you can guarantee them right there. 

We will be with you shortly!

Expos are one of the few times we wish cloning technology was available. Unfortunately we can only speak to a certain number of brides at a time. If you would like to discuss our services or are after a quote, catch our eye and you will be the next one we speak to. Otherwise always feel free to grab a flyer and call us up later. 

Allow yourself plenty of time

If you are browsing you should allow about 2-3 hours, if you know what you want, allow about 1 hour. Even though expos say they go till 4pm, if nobody is there most vendors will be gone by 3pm so it is a good idea not to get there too late. 

There is a starting point, I look forward to seeing you all at the expos :-)

 headphones with contact 

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