Where to find and how to pick your DJ?- Komodo Music DJs, Perth

Bride and groom cake topper with question mark backgroundSo you are finally up to looking at the music for your wedding..so where do you go now?

The last thing you want is to get a dud so here are a few tips when looking for a DJ.



If the company is established and knows what they are doing, they should have a large online presences. when checking online look at the following:

Wedding Websites

Don't just go to see if they have paid for an ad...ANYONE can do that! So instead, be sure to also check the bridal forums on the websites and see what previous people have said about them-easyweddings.com.au-ebridal.com.au-weddingpages.com.au-i-do.com.au 

Google- Key words

-Perth Wedding DJs-Wedding DJs-DJs Perth- [your venue] DJ 


If you go to more than one wedding expo a year, you will often see the same DJs at them. How do they present, do they look like a professional organization? Are their staff friendly and approachable? And what are they offering that the others aren't? Find out these questions and you may have found your DJ. 


A recommendation is always a good way to go (as long as you still do the research afterwards) so check the following sources:-Friends who have recently gotten married/used a DJ-Your venue- Some places have recommended suppliers or even have an in house DJ. Again so long as you do your research this can be a great tool 

So now you have narrowed it down to maybe 3 DJ companies...now the following should be done:

-GOOGLE THEM- See if anything besides their website comes up including really positive OR really negative reviews.-Ask around- Has anyone you know used them or even heard of them before. Has your venue ever seen them in action?-Check their website for testimonials- There should be recent testimonials from clients on their website. If there aren't it either means they haven't gotten around to updating it or that there aren't any.-Photo and video- Its all well and good saying everyone dances at their weddings, but is there proof? Testimonials are good evidence but a picture paints 1000 words. Are there recent photos or videos of them making the dance floor pump? 

And lastly when making an inquiry, always be sure to give the following details:

You and your fiance's name

Wedding Date

Reception Venue


(Start and Finish)

Contact information

Additional information

(anything extra you would like to know so they can answer for you)

How you heard about them

(In some cases there may be a discount involved so it never hurts to put the info in)


If you would like a quote on Komodo Music's DJ Services, you can contact us HERE ;-)

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