Using a Professional MC for your Wedding

MCing Man in blue shirt giving a speech to Bride and goomHaving been in this game for awhile, I have seen a number of different Master of Ceremonies at various weddings. Some amazing, some....not so amazing. But what is it that actually makes a good MC and how can you ensure that your wedding or event doesn't suffer.

Here are a few points to ask yourself before choosing a friend:


Have you seen them do it before?

If the answer is no, then you should be very careful entrusting this important job to them. MCing is actually an skill like languages or juggling...some can pass it off but wouldn't you rather have someone you know will know what to do? 

Good personality does not equal a great MC

Being the life of the party does not mean they would make an great MC. The ability to tell a joke to friends and the ability to tell a joke to a room of complete strangers all of different ages and personality is very different and surprisingly more difficult then it seems. Also what is said may be great, but does he know how to run an evening, hold a microphone, handle changes in schedules, etc? 

Do they drink?

Believe it or not, but I have seen MCs get drunk as a skunk before the speeches happen. Sometimes its just a little bit to calm the nerves and sometimes it is to forget that it's happening...regardless, usually the people want to drink and enjoy themselves at weddings so this extra responsibility must be taken seriously. 

So what are the advantages of having a professional MC (such as the DJ or a hired MC) host your night:


We do this EVERY weekend

Seriously, there is not alot that you can throw at us that will shake us off balance. We have seen it all, done it all and said it all so no matter what changes or emergencies occur on the night, we are very capable and ready to deal with it 

We do NOT drink on the job

A professional should never drink while working. Afterwards, absolutely (I myself have gone clubbing some some of the bridal party) but while on the job, never. This also ensures your MC will be sober when he gets up to speak. The only time a professional should have a drink in his hand is when they are toasting the speakers- and even then only 1 small glass of champagne is acceptable 

A professional will not only say the right thing, but also ensure the night progresses on time

Our job is to host the evening, and part of that is to also ensure speeches, food, formalities and dancing happen when they are suppose to. We liaise with the venue, suppliers and the Bride and Groom to ensure everything goes on time 

Like I said at the beginning; if 'Uncle Barry' is a really funny guy, has does this a few times and is not a heavy drinker, I am sure the night will go smoothly. Its only when you appoint someone who does know what to do, what to say, how to say it that the night can fall apart. Having a family friend do the MC work not only personalized your event, but can also be very funny as they can get away with a few jokes and barbs that a professional would not go near, and it has been these weddings where the MC have done a wonderful job.


This article is designed to give you some facts, not to scare you away. Like everything in the industry, always do your research!


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