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old fashioned camera being held by reporter on groundI know us DJs, photographers, bar staff, videographers, wedding planners, etc can seem like machines, but you should always remember we are still people too. As vendors our number one priority is doing our jobs so your wedding is a dream come true; but there are a few things you can do that help us out a lot :) :


Communication is good, but don't overdo it-

The more information you give us, the more we can help you with your wedding. However it is not a good idea to send 10 emails a week or call us at odd hours of the evening. As a general rule remember:

  • Allow 24 hours for a response either via email or phone before sending the next one
  • Don't call out of operating hours unless it is an emergency as we won't have your file on hand and we don't want to forget anything
  • Try to put all the 'little changes' into one email rather then thinking of something else and calling 10 times.

If you follow these rules, you become a 'Dream Client' rather than a 'oh God its her again what does she want this time' client 

Go with the flow-

Weddings are a fluid thing and even if you plan to the microsecond, that will not ensure that it will turn out that way. On the day, trust the people you have paid that they know what to do and when to do it. That being said, if you want to hurry things along, feel free to let us know, but dont panic if desert is running 10 minutes off schedule ;) 

Let us know if we can help-

Its much better for us to help you now rather than after the wedding. If you want a photo with the grandparents, want a favorite song played, or just need a drink, never be afraid to ask us. If we can do it, we usually will. 

Food is yummy...can we have some?-

You would be amazed at how many people forget to feed the vendors. We don't usually need to be seated with the guests but if we have been included for a meal it really means a lot to us. Also if there is a choice, it is even more appreciated if we get to choose rather than 'having whatever is left over' (I will eat anything but I am partial to my steak ;) ) 

Thank You-

Those two little words help us out so much, because it makes us feel appreciated and want to do more. Also if you really were happy, don't forget to send a "Thank You" email that we can put on our testimonial page as your praise will help us get more work 

We love our job and love doing it for you, and if you help us even in these little ways, it really does mean the world to us :)

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