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old fashioned radio microphone with woman singing into itYou would think its as easy as picking up an eating utensil...but there is a trick to it just as if you were using chopsticks for the first time ;)

Komodo Music DJs have been to TOO many weddings where the speakers using a microphone didn't know what to do with it. So in an effort to educate those who don't use a microphone every weekend, here are 9 basic tips to help you improve :) :

 Keep your voice the same volume.You should never need to shout into a microphone so always remember to keep talking at the same level. If it is too soft, move closer, if it is too loud move away from it. If you move your head, move the microphone.You should imagine your microphone is attached to the same position as your mouth at all times. When some people are talking on the mic and turn their head to point to something they seem to leave the microphone where your mouth was rather than where your mouth is. This of course means the what the microphone picks up is diminished. Keep it in-front of you mouth whenever you speak Hold it like an ice-creamIt sound silly but when holding the mic you should hold it as if you are about to lick an ice cream cone. your mouth should not touch it but the position when you are about to take a lick is the place and distance the mic should be You can take the mic off the lectern.Unless the microphone is part of the podium, you always have the option to take it off and hold it. This is good for two reasons: 1) you have more control of the sound and 2) it saves you needing to bend down to where the mic is rather than where you want to talkNEVER tap a microphone.I know in the movies people do that but you can actually damage the equipment. If you want to test it is working, just say "one, two". Repeat those numbers till it is at the volume you want it Always turn a microphone off when you have finishedFlick the switch UP to turn it ON, flick the switch DOWN to turn it OFF (If it helps, think of it like you are about to "Get Busy" LOL :P ) Never Sneeze or Cough into a microphoneApart from the obvious of germs, the high pitch noise can damage speakers. Always turn away if you can feel it coming Do not stand with a microphone in front of speakersGetting that horrible feedback noise usually ensures you only do it once. Just be wary of where the speaks are located so you do not accidentally step in front of them If using a microphone with a lectern, try not to touch the table.All the little movements of paper and vibrations on the podium caused by tapping it are amplified to the listening guests. Its a hard habit to get into (especially if nervous) but always try not do any excess movement while speaking 

People often spend hours researching what to say, writing it all out and practicing it over and with so much effort going into your speech, always remember that delivery of it is half the battle and by following these tips you are sure to come out on top ;)

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