Suit Up! Perth's Formal Wear Express

Barney Stinson...the ultimate man in a suit. He gets any woman he wants and always looks good doing it.

But you have gone the other way. You have got the woman of your dreams, so now you need a suit for the big day!

Formal Wear Express Perth

A Mobile Suit Company

Getting all the guys together during the day to go into a shop to try on suits, or worse, having to do it on a weekend during a footy match is surprisingly not that appealing to us males.

Instead, invite all your mates around for a BBQ and a few beers and the team at Formal Wear Express will come to your place and fit you there. The process is really easy and you can even buy the suits if you prefer. As an added bonus they will ensure the ties, shirts or vest are matching the bridesmaids dresses!

In WA they have two operators, one North of the River and one South of the River but they are a National company with offices in every state.

Give them a ring today or check out their website

North of the River- Eric and Ann0- 400 307 707                      South of the River- Mark & Rebeca- 0407 828 577


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