Meet Your DJ- DJ Ed (Elisha)

In the “Meet Your DJ” series, it will give you the opportunity to put a face to the name and lets you know a little background knowledge on the man (or woman) behind the decks

 DJ Ed (or Elisha to her friends) loves her music! In fact in our first meeting I asked her what it was that she liked so much. Her response was classic ;) "My love of music is like my love of strawberry jam: I don't know why I like it, I just do"- DJ Ed And a statement like that can sum her up nicely :) . She is very intelligent and quick witted but also knows how to take a joke and laugh at herself. Being from the States originally but living in Australia while studying at our universities she took the mandatory vow of poverty and became a poor uni student. "Though broke-ness is an excellent motivator, it was far from my only reason for wanting to work as a DJ. I had been involved in some form of music for most of my life, had played in band for ten years during school (please don't ask me to play now), and had been serious about it for a while. Though, I decided to pursue studies in other fields at university, I still wanted music to be part of my life. I am an absolute music nerd, and listen to just about every genre under the sun, from classical to old skool gangsta rap, and some much more normal stuff in between."- DJ Ed In one of my videos I referred to her as the "Original Hipster" ;) but Elisha can really get a crowd going and partying all night no matter what style you like! Even though I took a hand in her education in the DJ world, she literally took my ideas and ran with them, and it has been a real treat to see her grow from a "Band Geek" to a Komodo Music DJ :D

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