I Need TWO Bridal Waltz Songs?! *Faints*

Being a little sadistic nothing puts a smile on my face quicker than when couples tell me they have their Bridal Waltz already chosen :-D :

 Bride: We have already got our bridal waltz its...(insert song here) *Looking all smug and happy*DJ Dave: That's fantastic...so what have you chosen for your second bridal waltz songBride: *look of smugness disappearing...smile fading... replaced with fear and confusion*.....What?! We need TWO?!?!!! Now before I ring the paramedics to revive you, hear me out first.Regardless of whether you are doing a choreographed routine or wanting everyone up 30 seconds into the song, there will come a point where the DJ is to invite people onto the dance floor.Now the order is usually Bride and Groom, followed by the Bridal Party, followed by everyone else...and unless you are a professional dancer or (like me) always lead the charge, most people need to be dragged onto the dance floor by their respective partners (while both needing encouraging from other couples) so by the time "Aunty Jean" has got "Uncle George" off their backside onto the dance floor, the first song is usually finishing.With this in mind, having two "Bridal Waltz" songs gives everyone the opportunity to have a slow dance with their partner and THEN bust out the party dance moves.It is also good because it will discourage the old "love birds" to come up and have a slow dance in the middle of a pumping dance floor because they already had a dance before. So before panicking, just remember this also will give both of you the opportunity to pick a "special"song and may stop one of those wedding arguments (I'm trying to be optimistic here :P LOL) Good luck picking your TWO bridal waltz songs :-) DJ Dave (Photo courtesy of "www.kelleewalsh.com")

Best Wedding Song- Issue#19- Runner Runner- I Can't Wait

Wedding at the Forrest Centre- Komodo Music DJs, Perth