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So some of you are experienced veterans of Komodo Music, checking every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday for the latest information, pictures, clips and songs that could help make your special day that little bit extra (Thanks) :)

And then there are some of you who are brand new to Komodo Music and have no idea what has come I thought I would put together a blog specifically for those people ;)

Below I have listed the titles and a brief description of the best blogs and all you have to do is click on it

 What Questions To Ask A DJTo make sure you know what you are getting into, Komodo Music has devised a list of questions to ask any DJ company you are thinking of for your wedding. How To Pick Your Bridal Waltz/First Dance SongPicking the song to do your first dance to can be very difficult. There are a few tips to make it easier Bridal Waltz/First Dance Songs (Traditional)A selection of "Traditional" songs that couples choose as their First Dance/Bridal Waltz. Bridal Waltz/First Dance Songs that are DifferentKomodo Music DJs takes a look at non traditional Bridal Waltz/First Dance songs Father Daughter Dance- Do I Need One?Komodo Music DJs looks at whether you need a Father Daughter Dance at your wedding and where to have it. Father Daughter Dance Songs That Are Different- Komodo Music DJsKomodo Music DJs looks at some different songs that could feature for your Father Daughter Dance Wedding Garter and Bouquet GamesLooking for the perfect game for your bouquet or garter? Well Komodo Music has compiled a list of the best icebreakers for your wedding reception Best Wedding Entrance Songs (Calm)Komodo Music gives the top 25 songs to enter your wedding reception that are "Calm", "Easy Going", and "Romantic". Best Wedding Entrance Songs (Crazy)Komodo Music gives the top 25 songs to enter your wedding reception that are "Crazy", "Fun", and give the "Let's Start The Party" feel. Cake Cutting Songs (That are cake and cutting related)Komodo Music DJs compiles a list of the best fun cake cutting songs for your wedding reception that are cake and cutting related


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Best Wedding Song- Issue#16- Chester See- God Damn You're Beautiful

The Esplanade Fremantle Wedding- Komodo Music DJs