Wedding Myths- Hollywood You Have Alot To Answer For!

Do you see what I'm doing? I'm shaking my fist at Hollywood! They are responsible for some terrible stereotypes and ridiculous situations which could only come our of the mind of a script writer!

The amount of brides I have had to explain how a wedding REALLY works because of this has started to do my head in…well this stops right now! I am going to debunk a few of the more common assumptions of weddings thanks to the studios:

Brides do NOT throw their bouquet outside the chapel

The photographer will have you in his hands and he is not about to let you run away or waste time throwing the bouquet outside the church. Your guests who are not direct family will usually head straight to the reception or the closest bar so you have already lost half your flock. It’s only in the movies where they Bride and Groom don’t have a reception that they throw it…AND WHAT KIND OF BRIDE AND GROOM IN AUSTRALIA WILL GO THROUGH ALL THE TROUBLE AND NOT HAVE A RECEPTION!!

Receptions are NOT the single guy/girls hunting ground

Stupid “Wedding Crashers”! That movie’s whole premise was based that there are single people at receptions…LIES!!! I have been a DJ for over 7 years and trust me, if anyone can find single women in a crowd, it’s me! Unfortunately most people are taken with their partners and it is very rare you will get single people. It does happen (I could tell you a few stories myself), but not really that often

Outside receptions? Yeah Right!

A lot of movies show these beautiful night weddings with tables and chairs on green grass with illuminated lanterns strung across trees…ok let’s get reality back into the room. It’s either too hot or too cold, there are bugs everywhere, someone has to find a power source for the lights and food and DJ, a gale can take everything off the tables, rain can send everybody running for cover, sound is terrible outside…I’m sorry people, but only in the movies or if you have an unseemly amount of money can this really happen

Nobody can just “Crash” your wedding

Chairs and tables are allocated, a guest list is submitted weeks before the big day, how is someone going to rock up and sit at a table? The answer, THEY CAN’T. Most places have security anyway and it’s not likely. In the movie “Bride Wars”, Anne Haithaway stormed into Kate Hudison’s wedding and tackled her. Not only could this never happen due to ushers and other people behind the door to stop people from going in, but if you have a wedding planner (like they did) they will physically stop you (I dated one and have heard the stories LOL)

Vendors are not Slaves!

A lot of movies depict DJs, Wedding Planners, Florist, cake people, etc as mindless drones needing to be told what to do or ignoring what the bride wants and doing their own thing. WRONG! Our one priority is the bride and groom and to make sure that’s things are going to schedule, we know what we are doing and also know what will and won’t work. Most of it should have been discussed in meetings prior but NEVER misunderstand…we are there to do a job, not jump when you say jump. I am very fortunate as 98% of my brides and grooms are lovely people and respect everyone…but you do on the odd occasion get that 2% of people who see us as the “hired help”…and you don’t want to know how that works out ;-) LOL

And finally, the worst perpetuated myth Hollywood has pushed forward which I need to correct…

Most DJs are NOT sleezy, greased up guys with their chest hair showing, wearing sunglasses inside and playing terrible wedding songs.

I’m not going to lie, they exist and they give us all a really bad name, but professional companies will let you meet your DJ, you will see him (or her) in a well pressed suit, acting professional at all times and playing the music you want to hear

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