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DJs are not just responsible for playing music, we are also responsible for creating an enjoyable atmosphere for you and your guests. When you meet with a DJ company, if you ask what kind of lights they bring they they will give you a whole bunch of names and numbers that you most likely will not understand. So to help you out, Komodo Music has listed what kind of lights you should have.

When all is said and done, there are 2 categories of lights that a DJ will bring; Atmosphere lights and Effect lights.

Atmosphere LightsThese lights are designed to give the room a feel, whether is it a party or an ambiance you are after, you should ensure your DJ is equipped to create what you want. Atmosphere Lights can further be broken down into the following sub categories:-Dinner-These are soft mood lighting that may be operating during dinner, a common one used is a "Water Effect Light". It is not so much designed to be used during dancing but just to make your guests think it is cool. "Uplights" are also useful as these lights are beams that are projected onto a wall or pillar.-Party-These lights are designed to flood the dance floor with colour. They may include LED spotlight and flood lights, lights which flash.Unlike the "Dinner Atmosphere" lights which are meant to make you calm and in awe, the "Party Atmosphere" lights are meant to overwhelm the senses, increase your heart rate and cause excitement.  Effect Lights These types of lights are designed to cause a specific effect on a dance floor. They include strobes, lasers, moving lights and pattern lights.Komodo Music DJs bring all kinds of lights to your event. All effect and atmosphere lights for the dancing come standard as part of our package, but if you want to go that extra mile with atmosphere lights during dinner, contact us and see what we can arrange for you :-) (Photos courtesy of "", "", "" "")

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