Komodo Music DJ's Table and Booth

Through lots of our photos, you may have an idea of what Komodo Music will look like at your event. This article will give you a more in depth look at how we set up for your show. A good DJ should have a setup that is impressive, but at the same time, not overwhelming. It should be funky and smick but not take away any attention from the room.

Komodo Music has two types of sets up which are unique for the company. Our DJ Booth and our DJ Table.


The Booth

This custom designed piece is square and takes up very little space. It has plush sides and black felt with an "Eternity light" situated in the middle. It is a very cool effect which gives the illusion it goes on forever. Especially popular with children and people who have had too much to drink. ;-)This is used for our more permanent venues or venues with easy setup as although it is impressive and mobile, it is heavy and not practical for establishments with stairs. 

The Table

The table is a new addition to Komodo Music and is a much lighter and easier to transport. it takes up only about 1.2 meters and comes in both black and white solid covers. It has 8 LED disc lights along the front on 2 different circuits. This allows the lights to flash different colours and different speeds during the dancing. During dinner the lights can be set to a solid colour to match the decor of the room.  Speaker CoversAnother new addition are speaker covers. These pillar are designed to completely conceal the speakers while ensuring sound quality does not suffer. 

Komodo Music prides itself on being a trend setter and as of yet I have not seen any other DJ company in Perth with anything like us, but like any trend somebody will start copying eventually so if you seen anyone else with their own version of our "Booth", "Table" or "Speaker Covers", you will know that Komodo Music had it first ;-)

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