Perth's Best Photographers - Dave & Charlotte

Music, naturally, is very important for the night. Without it the atmosphere of music the event withers and dies. But what good is having a great time without the proof? This is why getting a good photographer is important because long after you forget what song was played, the images of how much fun you were having will be alive in your wedding album.

Dave and Charlotte are some of the best photographers I have ever had the privilege of working with. From the picture of me at the front of this page, to the photos on the banner are all their fine work. (And trust me...making me look good in photos in no easy feat!)

Their commitment to whatever they do is truly inspiration and it is no wonder they have offices in both Toronto, Canada and Perth, Australia.

Below is a small sample of their work, but for a real insight to what they can do for your event, check out their recent WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY or ENGAGEMENT PHOTOGRAPHY, or jump right into their portfolio HERE.

To give you an idea of the type of shooting they do, check out this slide show they just made from a wedding photo session they photographed at Caversham House & around the Swan Valley recent...


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