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bride and groom dancing, no face showingThe first dance between the Bride and Groom is the most important song of the night. It is three and a half minutes of the two of you looking at each other, holding one another close and smiling, knowing that after everything, you finally got here. 

So how do you choose the perfect song for your perfect moment?

 This is one of the hardest questions the DJ is ever going to ask you. A lot of couples are not super enthusiastic about dancing, let alone in front of family and friends and they plan to invite everyone up as soon as humanly possible. But just because you aren’t going to be waltzing around like professional dancers, the song you choose is still very important not only for everyone watching, but also on an emotional and sub conscience level for the pair of you. We DJs can give you thousands of suggestions but in the end if needs to be something that speaks to the pair of you. Some things you may wish to keep in mind when choosing your First Dance song: Lyrics- Ensure you listen to them and know what the song is about. The last thing you want is to pick a song that is about cheating, breakups, sexual acts or drugs and not even realise it.Beat- Regardless of whether the two of you decide to do a “Waltz” or just a “Bridal Shuffle”, listen to the beat and tempo of the song and see if you can actually dance to it. There are a lot of beautiful songs that are too fast or too slow to be a first dance. Ensure you both stand in your living room and try a few moves before making your final selection.Importance- Does this song have any special meaning to you or is it “just a song”. It is always better to have a special connection to your choice because that is what will make it YOUR song.Compromise- Most of the time, couples have completely opposite tastes in music, sometimes even to extremes where one will refuse to listen to their partners choices. This song is one of the few that should be agreed upon happily, not begrudgingly. If the taste in music is SO extreme, see if there is an artist or a genre you both can agree on you enjoy and work from there. Komodo Music has over 10,000 songs at its disposal and anything we don’t have, we will get for you, all you have to do is tell us what you want. If you need any help in choosing your song, let your DJ know and we will come prepared with some ideas to get you started :-) 

How did you choose your first dance? Was it easy or did you struggle? Let us know in the comments below :-)

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